17 Jun
15.15 u
Podium Molenwaterpark
Gratis programma



Ambergris is chosen here as this quartet's name as a metaphor of the product of the creative process of an artist, who, according to the band members' vision, is someone who has the ability to draw from a stock of experiences and emotions, roughly collected throughout life, and to create preciousness and beauty out of it. The compositions performed by the band are a result of that process, they are ambergris themselves, a chaotic mass of stories in constant mutation, digested and reshaped into music. This project took shape in 2020 out of the urge of saxophone player Nicolo' Ricci to perform his own music. The band members have forged their special artistic and human bond through their long lasting experience together in several other bands active in the Dutch music scene.


  • Nicolo' Ricci, tenor sax
  • Alessandro Fongaro, upright bass
  • Sun Mi Hong, drums
  • Emanuele Pellegrini, piano and synths



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